DNA Testing

Need to solve a question of paternity for legal reasons? Searching for more details on your ancestors or information on your ethnicity? Deoxyribonucleic Acid testing, better known as DNA testing, unlocks answers and reveals information hiding within our cellular structure.

If you have questions about your paternity, maternity, or distant lineage, turn to DNA testing, the most accurate and available technology to determine biological relationships, at your local ARCpoint Labs of Florence.

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Common DNA Testing Procedures at ARCpoint Labs of Florence

dna_testingWe offer a range of DNA testing services to meet all your needs, whether you are pursuing answers for legal or informative purposes, including:

Legal DNA Testing

All collection specialists at ARCpoint Labs of Florence are familiar with the steps of chain of custody necessary to ensure that DNA testing results are legally admissible when necessary, including for:

In addition to following chain of custody guidelines in all DNA testing procedures, we also work with AABB-accredited labs.

DNA Testing at ARCpoint Labs of Florence: Quick, Painless, Confidential

DNA testing at our facility is a quick, painless process. With a simple buccal swab, we collect your DNA specimen from the cheek or mouth cavity, then properly label and package it for analysis.

If you need reliable, local DNA testing services, call (843) 536-0129 or stop by ARCpoint Labs of Florence today. We will take care of your DNA testing needs, no matter the situation — and no appointment needed!